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Just because I'm caged

Doesn't mean I'm not insane

My Mind Is In Cages
The shattered mind of shattered_kitty.
Roleplaying. All my characters are in their own little cage...

My info is as thus:
e-mail: heathen_angel@yahoo.com
AIM: zerothtoeternity

Current ships:
Angelus/Dru, Willow/Tara, Buffy/Angel, Faith/Spike, etc. etc.

All my characters and the communities they're in are in the journal.

Current one-on-one's I'm looking for: Buffy/Angelus (either Buffy or Angelus are needed), Buffy/Angel (either Buffy or Angel are needed), Willow/Tara (Willow is needed), Spike/Faith (Spike is needed)
Contact info is above. IM or E-mail me with community name and specifics, or the character you play and your journal name.

Also, for my FF8, FF9 and Guardian Force (FF8) lj's, look at my other journal:
My writing journal: _gigo_
My icon journal: purple_pleasure